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Export your backlinks from the Google Search Console or from other sources, and submit these here.
Important: Please export the full URLs of your backlinks and not only the domains!
How do I recognize harmful or toxic backlinks?

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What is

Malicious/Harmful backlinks can adversely affect the ranking of a website, so a regular analysis of these links is necessary! The Google Search Console and other backlink services allow you to export your incoming links, but these are often only available as a Text or CSV file - which makes an analysis very complicated! is a free tool, which helps you to prepare, filter and validate your backlink data!
So you save time and nerves and can quickly find harmful links! does for you:

  • Processing: Grouping of all links by their domains
  • Filtering: Search function & filtering according to the top-level domains of the links
  • Automatic check: Automatic check function for harmfulness according to various factors
  • Disavow File: Create your own disavow file and add harmful domains and links to it
  • Validation tools: Links to services with which you can check a link or a domain on their harmfulness
  • Overview: Remove analyzed domains from the overview to keep track
  • Import: Import of Text and CSV files, or insert links from the clipboard
  • No registration: No registration required
  • For free: This service is free of charge, but a small donation would make us happy!

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