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How do I recognize harmful or toxic backlinks? supports you with your analysis of your backlinks!
What do you have to bear in mind? How do you recognize backlinks, which can harm your ranking sustainably?

Ensure in your analysis that:

  • The URL respectively the domain is provided by the google-index?
    Search in google for "", if the domain is listed in the search results.
    If you want to check, whether the URL with the linked subpage exists in the google-index, then search additionally with the title of the site (e.g. " titel of the site"). If there are no matching search results for the domain or the URL, the reason could be a penalty of google. supports you with these checks by using directly adjusted links!

  • Check domain/URL for malware, viruses & spyware!
    Definitely harmful are backlinks of websites, from which malware, viruses & spyware are spread out!
    You should definitely disavow these URLs (or better the whole domains of these URLs)!
    There are different online reputation tools for free, to check domains for malware, viruses & spyware, e.g. or VirusTotal! supports you with this check by using directly adjusted links to!

  • Check the Visibility of the domain!
    View the visibility of the linked domain in search engines! Services like XOVI and Sistrix raises such visibility indices and provide them for free. XOVI offers you with DomainValue a free tool, which displays you the visibility of a domain over a long period of time. If the visibility was plummeted at a certain point of time, the reason could be a penalty.
    With the tool Visibilty-Index from Sistrix you only get the key figure of the determined visibility. You should examine this domain a little closer, if this key figure is “0”. Caution: "No visibility" does not necessarily mean that the domain of the backlink is harmful for your ranking. It is only an indication for that, because the services don’t know all websites. supports you with this check by using directly adjusted links to DomainValue!

  • Which backlinks got the domain?
    The backlinks could also give evidence of the value of a domain. Does a domain contain a bigger part of the backlinks for example from China or the domain names have no relevance, it can be an evidence for an unnatural link building of the domain. You can retrieve the backlinks of a domain with the tool SeoKicks.
    SeoKicks provides three additional interesting key figures, which giving qualitative information of the backlinks of a domain:
    The Link-POP, Domain-POP and IP-Pop! The Link-Pop is the number of all backlinks, the Domain-Pop is the number of all backlinks from different domains and the IP-Pop is the number of all backlinks from different IP-addresses.
    The higher the number of the IP-Pop the greater is the probability of a natural link building. Is the Domain-Pop significantly higher than the IP-Pop, you can assume that Link-Spam took place and thus the domain has no high value and/or got a penalty. supports you with this check by using directly adjusted links to SeoKicks!

  • Name of the domain
    Take a closer look at the domain names of your backlinks! If they have no relevance or if they originate from countries for which you did not provide content on your website, you should examine the backlinks a little closer.

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